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Klosterneuburg International School is an integral part of the long-established, local community state school Bundesgymnasium and Bundesrealgymnasium Klosterneuburg. KIS came into being in 2010 as an authorised IB World School. In addition to providing full teaching of the Austrian National Curriculum, KIS offers pupils the opportunity to complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). At KIS pupils generally graduate with both the Austrian school-leaving certificate (AHS-Matura) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma.
IB Exams, May 2015
Best results so far in the three-year history of the IB at KIS!

Once again, I am able to address the school community and all friends of the BG/BRG Klosterneuburg with extremely pleasing and almost unbelievable IB results – this time as the last time in the role of the IB Coordinator of the KIS – Klosterneuburg International School.

In none of the previous years have our IB-Diploma Programme candidates, who we can now officially call “IB graduates”, achieved higher point scores or average grades. Therefore I can, at the end of my four-year assignment as IB Coordinator (since the school year 2011/2012), proudly announce that the BG/BRG Klosterneuburg´s International School belongs without a doubt to one of the best IB schools in the world.

As part of the IB-Diploma Programme, both Austrian as well as a number of “international” students complete the worldwide-centralised IB curriculum, which culminates in May for the pupils of the final diploma year with centralised (and also centrally graded!) exams. They take exams in their mother tongue language, their best foreign language and in Maths, as well as in three further subjects of their choice. By individually choosing their own subject areas in this way, they can achieve the best qualifications for their further academic careers, be it in Austria or abroad.

As was already the case last year, this year’s IB class was once again able to outperform the class of the previous year. In the IB Diploma Programme, the maximum point score which can be achieved is 45. Out of these 45 points, 42 can be achieved in the subjects chosen by the candidate (the highest point score for one subject being 7). A further three points can be achieved through other compulsory essays.

The numbers speak for themselves and impressively illustrate the sensational results of this year’s class: The average grade increased from 33.6 in the previous year to 35.0. 21.4% of all grades (which means almost a quarter) were the top grade 7. 60.7% of all grades achieved were a 6 or a 7. Last year (May 2014), 38.8% of our pupils managed to score 38 or higher, this year it was 57.1% (!!!). (For comparison, at the Vienna International School, 25% of all candidates managed to achieve a total score of 38 or higher in 2014.) Additionally, five out of the 14 candidates achieved 40 points or higher – this is a thus far singular achievement in the IB-history of our school and once again confirms the successful Austrian high school education model.

13 out of this year’s candidates managed to complete the IB Diploma and at the same time the Austrian matriculation exam. I would like to congratulate all of this year’s graduates wholeheartedly. I would also especially like to mention Lukas Beckerhinn and Philipp Rader, who, with 43 points each, are top of the 2015 class.

– Holger Benz, IBDP Coordinator

New Pupil´s Brochure

This brochure is a helpful guide for new pupils and their parents to become familiar with the school.

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Summer Holidays

School is now closed. The secretariat will reopen on Monday 24th of August. We regret that no enquiries regarding the Bilingual Programme or IB Diploma Programme at KIS can be answered before 1st of September. 




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