Bilingual Programme Admission

All admissions for school year 2016/2017 are closed.

Application to year 1

The pre-requisite for all pupils applying to our school is officially documented residence in Klosterneuburg

Step 1: Formal Registration and required documents

For a place in Year 1 of the Bilingual Programme to start in September 2017, you must register your child in person with us in February 2017. Please be aware that this date is set by the Lower Austrian Education Board and is non-negotiable.

You must register your child in person.

Please bring the following documents:

  • Most recent report (Semesterzeugnis) (copy & original)
  • Social Security Number of your child
  • Certificate of Residency (Meldezettel) (copy & original)
  • Decree of Guardianship (Vormundschaftsdekret) - for single parents

Step 2: Entrance Assessments

The exams do not require any preparation in advance.

After completing the formal registration, your child will be invited to sit the entrance assessments.
Ability in the pupils’ language of instruction (German or English), creativity and logical thinking will be assessed both in written and oral form by an external panel.
For entry in September 2016 the written exam and oral exams usually take place at the beginning of March. The assessments carry a fee of €25 per child. The written and oral assessments can be taken either in English or German, depending on which language the child feels most secure in. A significant majority of candidates take the exam in German and Austrian pupils will not be disadvantaged by choosing to take the exam in German.

Step 3: Enrollment

Shortly after the entrance assessments, parents/guardians will be notified of the results per email. If your child is unsuccessful a place in one of the regular classes at BG/BRG Klosterneuburg is guaranteed.

Application to years 2-4

The pre-requisite for all pupils applying to our school is officially documented residence in Klosterneuburg

General Information

Normally, admission is for Year 1 only. However, on occasion we can offer limited places in the Bilingual Programme for pupils wanting to join these classes after Year 1. This refers to applicants from within the school as well as external candidates.
In both cases, please follow the steps as described below:

Application Process

Step 1: General Enquiry

Please write an e-mail to Ms Lisa Sophie Fruhmann ( with a brief description of your child including date of birth and which grade he or she is currently attending.

Step 2: Educational history

If a place is available, you will be provided with an Educational History Form to fill in and requested to send copies of your child’s most recent reports. Please note that Steps 1 and 2 should be completed by December 31st if your child wants to start at the school as of September of the following year.

Step 3: School visit and appointment with Head of Admissions

A date will be arranged for you to visit the school and meet with the Head of Admissions. This must be arranged in advance.

Step 4: Assessment

A date will be arranged for your child to be assessed in Maths and English (and German, if deemed necessary). The assessment carries a fee of €80 per child and must be completed by the end of February. In addition, the pupil will be asked to submit a letter of motivation. A confidential Pupil Assessment Form will be forwarded to external candidates' current schools.

Step 5: Formal Registration, required documents and enrollment

Following a formal decision on acceptance, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Registration Form (available at the school secretariat or to download here )
  • Certificate of Residency (Meldezettel)

General information:

The pre-requisite for all pupils applying to our school is officially documented residence in Klosterneuburg

As we offer a Bilingual Programme, classes take place both in German and English. Prior knowledge of German is essential, prior knowledge of English is not, as most of our pupils entering Year 1 are native-German speakers. Lessons in the first year are held predominantly in German with an increasing language input and amount of materials in English.
Admission to the Bilingual Programme is selective. There are two classes per cohort.

Experience shows that our most successful applicants are:

  • Native speakers of German who show an aptitude for languages and a desire to work hard.
  • Native speakers of English, who show an aptitude for languages, an interest in learning German and a desire to work hard.
  • Bilingual children (German/English) and those who have attended an international school.

    For applications to Years 5 and 6 (pre-IB Programme), please see IB Programme Admission.