IB Programme Admission

All admissions for school year 2016/2017 are closed.

The pre-requisite for all pupils applying to our school is officially documented residence in Klosterneuburg

General Information

In order to sit the IB Diploma examination at 18, pupils must first complete the two-year IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), and ideally our two-year pre-IB Programme prior to that.

Evidence of strong academic achievement in addition to fluency in English are key requirements for a pupil wishing to join the pre-IB Years or the IBDP itself.

Places in the IB Diploma Programme at KIS are allocated according to availability and academic record.

Application process

Step 1: General Enquiry

Please write an e-mail to Ms Lisa Sophie Fruhmann (iboffice@bgklosterneuburg.at) with a brief description of your child including date of birth and which grade he or she is currently attending.

Step 2: Educational history

If a place is available, you will be provided with an Educational History Form to fill in and requested to send copies of your child’s most recent reports. Please note that Steps 1 and 2 should be completed by December 31 if your child wants to start at the school as of September of the following year.

Step 3: School visit and appointment with Head of Admissions

A date will be arranged for you to visit the school and meet with the Head of Admissions. This meeting must be arranged in advance.

Step 4: Assessment

A date will be arranged for your child to be assessed in Maths, English (and if deemed necessary in the pupil's IB subjects). The assessment takes place in written and oral form and carries a fee of €80 per candidate. The assessment must be completed by the end of February. Your child will also be required to submit a letter of motivation. Additionally, a confidential Pupil Assessment Form will be forwarded to the applicant's current school.

Step 5: Formal Registration, required documents and enrollment

Following a formal decision on acceptance, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Registration Form (available at the school secretariat or to download here )
  • Certificate of Residency (Meldezettel)