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Native English-speaking teachers

Andrew Charlewood (UK) holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Popular Music. An active composer and musician, he has been working in the Austrian school system since 2002. His professional experience includes English, Music and Biology teaching. He has also worked at the Lower Austria camp for highly gifted pupils. Mr Charlewood joined the Bilingual Programme teaching team in 2007 and was responsible for introducing bilingual education to our Music department. He has become an invaluable supporter of musical events within the school, where he can be regularly seen and heard performing on bass guitar.

Mr Charlewood teaches Music in the Bilingual Programme.

Caius Halliday (UK) holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. He has experience as an educator in several European countries. He is a member of the IB staff and currently teaches the IB Diploma in English literature, and Theory of Knowledge. Mr Halliday is the school’s University Counsellor, and also teaches European Studies as an optional course for all our Upper School pupils.

Mr Halliday teaches Sport and History in the Bilingual Programme.

Monica Mishra (India) holds a Master of Science Degree in Biology and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Sciences. She has extensive experience in teaching and enhancing students’ appreciation of science and has an enormous interest in Physics, Biology and Science in general. She joined the bilingual teaching team in 2007 and was responsible for introducing bilingual education to the Physics department. Mrs Mishra enjoys using different methods and mediums to deliver course material.

Mrs Mishra teaches Physics, Information Technology and Biology in the Bilingual Programme.

Lori Renna Linton (USA) holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary English Education. She qualified as a teacher in the State of New York in 1995. Over the last 15 years she has acquired extensive teaching experience in both the private and public sectors. She joined the bilingual teaching team in 2008 and is actively involved in developing the English language and literature programme for our bilingual students in both the Lower and Upper Schools. At our school she also provides oral language-skills coaching in English to individual pupils of the IB Diploma.

Mrs Renna Linton teaches English in the Bilingual Programme.

Sanjuktha Mukund (India) holds a Master of Science degree in Physics with a specialization in Astrophysics and an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science. She is our newest member on the bilingual team, joining this school year where she teaches Physics and Computer Science. She is also a member of the IB staff and will be preparing pupils for the IB Diploma in Physics. Her teaching focuses on logical reasoning and utilizes multimedia and demonstrations to maintain a strong connection between the course material and the world around us.

Mrs. Sanjuktha Mukund teaches Physics and Information Technology in the Bilingual Programme.

Leigh Tueart (UK) holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy and Financial Management. He is a UEFA B Licensed Football Coach. He has lived in Vienna since 2008 where his experience in the educational system began at the Vienna International School. Mr Tueart currently also works for the Wiener Fussball Verband and SUSA, a private football organisation, working with young people to develop football skills within an English-speaking environment.

Mr Tueart teaches Sport in the Bilingual Programme.

Leo Vaughan (Australia) holds degrees in both Marine Biology and Mathematics. Before coming to Vienna, he worked throughout much of South East Asia as a Scuba diving instructor and is now studying a Master of Science in Physics part-time. Mr Vaughan holds a Graduate Certificate in Education and has taught in a number of language institutes and schools in both Austria and Germany.

Mr Vaughan teaches Mathematics and Geography/Economics in the Bilingual Programme.