The Bilingual Programme is taught in both English and German beginning in year 1. There are 50 places available in Year 1. Ideally, pupils who have completed the first four years of the Bilingual Programme will feel able to face the subesquent challenges of the IB Diploma Programme in the Upper School. The IB Diploma Programme is taught and examined exclusively in English.

Alternatively and subject to sufficient applications, the Bilingual Programme can continue in the Upper School (years 5 to 8) leading to a bilingual Matura (Austrian School Leaving Certificate).


Admission to the Bilingual Programme is by written and oral examination. We have fifty places for 10-year-olds (year 1). Please see Bilingual Programme admission

Programme goal

All pupils attending the Bilingual Programme are expected to attain subject fluency in English and German: English mother-tongue speakers are expected to be able to follow teaching in German and, with time, gain full academic proficiency in that language. Native German speakers are expected to reach a “near native” level of language in English. Subject-specific vocabulary is built up gradually, and interaction with our English-speaking pupils and teachers accelerates learning.

Teaching staff and methodology

In addition to a graduate qualification in the relevant subject, members of the Austrian teaching staff in the Bilingual Programme typically have a teaching degree in English, have taught in an English-speaking country or were bilingually educated themselves.
Teaching in the Bilingual Programme at BG/BRG Klosterneuburg implements current content and language integrated learning (CLIL) methodology. In the Lower Secondary School, approximately 50 per cent of subject teaching is team-taught, where an Austrian member of the teaching staff is supported by a native English-speaking graduate teacher in the classroom.

Assessment in the bilingual programme

Assessment is carried out in both English and German throughout the year. In written tests, suitable measures are taken to ensure that the questions are comprehensible to all. Subject content, rather than linguistic competence, shall determine grading at all times. It is a legal requirement to allow pupils to respond at any time in their mother tongue, should it be necessary.

Supplementary tuition in German

Non-German-speaking pupils attending our Bilingual Programme can receive extra language tuition in German appropriate to their age and language level.