IB Financial Commitment

The IB Diploma Programme at KIS enjoys substantial support from the Board of Education for Lower Austria and other sponsors.

When registering for the two-year IB Diploma Programme at our school, parents should expect the following costs:

Monthly contribution: EUR 45

To cover the school’s additional overhead costs (teacher training, office support, copy costs, dispatch costs, etc.).

Student registration fee: EUR 118

This one-time fee is paid to the IB Organization (IBO) by all pupils who wish to take one or more examinations in a particular IB examination session.

Subject fee: EUR 492 (6x EUR 82)

A subject fee of EUR 79 is paid to the IBO for each assessed subject taken. Six subjects are taken for the entire IB Diploma. There is no fee for ToK (Theory of Knowledge), CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) or the Extended Essay assessment.

Approximate book costs: EUR 250-300

The books will be ordered by the school. The final book costs will depend on the IB subjects chosen by the candidate.

Equipment costs: EUR 90

Costs for the TI calculator used for the IB examinations. Please bear in mind that the IBO asks for specific calculator models. In addition, students will be asked to work with a netbook from Year 5 onwards. If desired, parents may purchase a netbook through our school.

Expected field trips: EUR 800.00