IB courses at KIS

Download a list of the actual courses offered for the next IB DP exam sessions:

Please note that the actual courses offered at KIS each year depend on the number of pupils interested in a course. There must be a minimum number of five pupils registered for a course in order for that course to take place.

For a detailed description of the individual courses offered at KIS please see:

Presentation: What is the right combination of IB subjects for me? (19.11.2015)

Diploma candidates are required to select one subject from each of the six subject groups. Three courses are taken at higher level (HL), three courses are taken at standard level (SL). However, instead of a Group 6 subject (The Arts), a candidate may select any additional subject from groups 2 to 4.

HL courses represent a recommended 240 teaching hours over the two-year diploma programme, SL courses 150 hours.