As a courtesy, please either email the school office before 8:00 or ring, should your child be unable to attend school that day: 02243 321 55 - 10. Absences are permissible in the case of illness; when prior permission to attend a special event has been granted; or when in a particular subject exemption has been sought and granted, e.g. sport.

Your responsibility

Any absence must be accounted for by parents/legal guardians of pupils of compulsory school age (up to 16) either verbally or in writing. For absences of three days or longer, written notification or a doctor’s certificate may be required by the form teacher or principal.


Should a pupil be absent from lessons for more than a week without justification and also not have sent notice even after receiving written request, the pupil will be expelled. Reinstating him/her is only permissible with authorization from the Education Board of Lower Austria.

Special circumstances

If requested by the parent/legal guardian or the pupil, form teachers or the principal can grant permission of absence for a justified reason from individual lessons for up to one day.

Catching up on missed school work as soon as possible is the pupils’ responsibility. They will receive the support of the class and the teachers.