Sporting achievments

Sports are an integral part of any modern society. As such, they form an important component of the modern education system.

Regular sports classes at our school allow pupils to try out different kinds of sports, which helps them improve their overall physical well-being. They get to understand their own performance limits and to demonstrate their abilities in diverse games and competitions. Additionally, a class focused on “Sports and Movement” teaches pupils about the medical, physical, historical and social components of sport.

Moreover, pupils of the lower school can, under the motto “active break-times”, use the school’s sports halls for exercise and games during the long breaks.

Various internal school competitions and tournaments take place each year. These include the gymnastics competitions for the first and fifth years, the mini-volleyball tournament of the third year, the upper-school handball tournament and the upper- and lower-school football competitions.
An important event in the school’s sports calendar is the “Robert Mader Sports Festival”. This is a track-and-field athletics competition for pupils from the first through to the eighth years, organised by the sports teachers from BG/BRG Klosterneuburg and taking place every year in May or June. The best pupils from all the primary and secondary schools in Klosterneuburg compete in the disciplines 60m sprint, long jump, and long throw.

Additionally, pupils can attend the Winter Sports Week in the second, third and fifth years, and the Summer Sports Week in the fourth year.

In order to awaken interest in a wider spectrum of sports disciplines, BG/BRG Klosterneuburg also offers a diverse selection of sports activities within the framework of extra-curricular activities. In addition to the team sports football, basketball, handball and volleyball, pupils can also enroll in adventure sports, athletics, badminton, gymnastics and acrobatics or rhythm and dance.

Pupils from our school take part in many different local, state and federal sports competitions. Thanks to the personal engagement and hard work of the pupils, parents and teachers, as well as cooperation with local sports clubs like the “Basket Dukes Klosterneuburg”, our pupils have enjoyed some significant successes in these. In recent years, both the girls and boys basketball teams have won the federal championships, the badminton team reached the state finals, and both the lower and upper school football teams took home the local championship title.

Sports highlights of recent school years include:

Finally Handball champions!

After years of hard work and training, and coming in third place in 2009+2012 and in second place in 2001, 2013 + 2014, the BG/BRG Upper School Boys Handball Team finally managed to win the Lower Austrian Schools Handball Cup on 23rd February 2015. Congratulations!


Basketball champions!

From 5-8 May 2014, the state basketball championships took place in Tulln – and the year 3+4 boys were able to celebrate winning the basketball cup championship title! In the final match, our boys defeated the team Wien 36:31. Congratulations!