School principal: Mag. Robert Donner

Head of Administration: Mag. Alexander Gutenthaler

Deputy Head of Administration: Mag. Christian Rohringer

School secretaries: Regina Braun and Romana Mechail

School doctors: Dr. Michaela Lukas-Denk and Dr. Rainer Rupprecht

School caretakers: Bela Takacs and Hans Swoboda

IB Programme Coordinator: Dr. Siegfrid Opelka

IB Deputy Programme Coordinator: Mag. Johannes Plot

Head of Admissions Klosterneuburg International School: Mag. Beatrix Maier

Bilingual Administrative Assistant: Lisa Sophie Fruhmann

BG/BRG Klosterneuburg currently has 51 classes; 1206 pupils; 118 teachers and 2 after-school supervision groups.

The school has a five-day week. Lessons are from Monday to Friday; there is no school on Saturdays. Download the lesson times and breaks

The school opens at 7:30. From 7:45, pupils are supervised.

We are an eight-year Gymnasium, with pupils from the age of 10 to 18.

Classes according to age and year of birth (school year 2015/16)

Year of birthAgeClassAustrian School level
2005-200610-11Year 15th
2004-200511-12Year 26th
2003-200412-13Year 37th
2002-200113-14Year 48th
2001-200214-15Year 59th
2000-200115-16Year 610th
1999-200016-17Year 711th
1998-199917-18Year 812th