Pupil welfare

Students have accesses to support in academia, personal matters or with medical problems. This support is administered by teachers, counsellors, psychologists and school doctors.

Class teacher

Is the first contact person for pupils and parents.

Pupil counsellors

(Mag. Hemma Poledna, Mag. Alois Kohlmayr) are the contact persons for school and personal problems as well as questions about academic course choices within the school. (See consultation times as posted on the notice board, appointments made by phone are also accepted).

School doctors

The school doctors are Dr. Michaela Lukas-Denk and Dr. Rainer Rupprecht. They are responsible for the health and well-being of our pupils and conduct annual check-ups on every pupil. The doctors’ rooms are on the second floor of the new building. Their office hours are:

  • Dr. Michaela Lukas-Denk: Monday, Thursday: 8:00-13:00
  • Dr. Rainer Rupprecht: Tuesday, Wednesday: 8:00-13:00

School psychologist

The school psychologist is available for consultation at the school once a month. (See notice board for details; advance registration through the secretariat is required).

Graduate social workers

As part of the school social project X-Point, all pupils and other school partners have access to graduate social workers for consultation and support with problems. The social workers hold consultation hours at the school, please see their website. The social workers’ consultation room is next door to the doctors’ room.

Agreement of conduct

The school representatives have agreed on a school code of conduct. This agreement of conduct provides the guidelines for cooperation and mutual respect between all people in the school. In recognition of its agreement of conduct, the school was awarded the “Fairness Award 2012”.

Pupil Representatives

To further pupil welfare and voice pupils’ concerns, the following representatives are elected every year:

  • A class representative and deputy from each class
  • A representative for the Lower School
  • A representative for the Upper School
  • Three pupil representatives for the School's Governing Committee (SGA)

Peer mediation

Peer mediators are pupils from the Upper School who deal with conflicts that arise in school life. Contact can be made personally or through their mailboxes. Information is posted on the board in auditorium 2. Brochures about the mediation are kept in class rooms. Contacts: Mag. Friederike Skorpik and Mag. Andreas Profous can be contacted via the mediation's homepage.

Waiver of Confidentiality

All communication or consultation with the pupil counsellors, doctors, psychologists, social workers and mediators is handled with complete confidentiality.