Science facilities

The school has five fully equipped science labs.



The IT department underwent a technical overhaul as part of the school renovations and was comprehensively updated. Now using a fibre optics network, individual devices can be directly connected to the high-speed internet.
There are currently about 80 school-owned notebooks. All terminals and the netbooks used as teaching aids of the nine IT classes also have access to this fibre optic network, the users of which have an especially secured, professionally maintained wireless network at their disposal.Support from the Education Board of Lower Austria facilitated the installation of interactive beamers in all classrooms – all controlled through one notebook per class – making fully digitised lessons for each lesson possible.
Thirty-thousand metres of cables and many work hours were necessary in order to bring this up-to-date IT standard to our pupils.

Visual Arts

The visual arts facilities at the school consist of two art rooms with two printing presses, for Itaglio printing and wood cut and linoleum printing. The two storerooms accommodate painting, sculpting and drawing materials as well as film equipment – a digital camera for filming and a photography camera. There are also two cameras for analogue film.



The library is a lending and research library.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7.45 – 16.00

Borrowing and returns

Students receive a library card upon enrollment at the school. Borrowing is carried out by the borrowers themselves using a borrowing card at the self-checkout; lending time is three weeks.


  • Books: The school library houses over 12,000 volumes, making it the largest school collection in Lower Austria. This includes fiction, non-fiction and reference books, primarily in the languages German and English.
  • Magazines: 25 in the languages German, English, French and Spanish (The Economist, Newsweek, Psychology Today, BBC History Magazine, etc.)
  • Newspapers: 15 different subscriptions; German, English (Financial Times, Die Zeit, etc).
  • CD-ROM: over 100 (some are available via a central server)
  • DVDs: about 400. The DVD collections includes feature films, learning programmes and foreign films.

Work stations

  • Twelve laptops are available for use by pupils.
  • 1 black-and-white printer
  • 1 beamer for presentations and films
  • About 30 internet connections are available via cable
  • Wifi access is also available

Support for pupils

  • The library is staffed by Mag. Manfred Sinhuber and Mag. Eva Stöber; from 14.00, by students from the Upper School.

Usage for non-pupils

  • Parents, former students, members of the school community can also use the library for a service charge of €5.00.