5B Class Visit to the Austrian Parliament

On Friday the 3rd of February 2017 our class, the 5B, got to visit the Parliament. We were given a great tour, including the basic history of the Austrian Parliament. Among other rooms we saw the Historic Meeting Hall and both the National and Federal Council Chamber. We learned what the different rooms were/are used for, and how some rooms had to be renovated after an aerial bomb attack in WWII. Our tour guide was very kind, and made sure that by the end of the visit we knew the importance and background of the Austrian Parliament.

The second part of our visit was also great. We had a private hour with Nikolaus “Niki” Scherak of the NEOS political party. He explained in detail about what he did with the NEOS, and in return we got to ask him questions about what he/the NEOS thought about certain topics like equality or drugs. We also learned about Mr Scherak’s political views on other parties and countries. It was very informational and entertaining!

It was really great that we got to have this opportunity, because it is rare that we can actually talk to a real politician about what they are doing. I found it great, because not only did we learn a lot about the Parliament itself, but it sparked an interest in politics in many of us. Personally, I never really understood or was interested in learning about the details of politics, but after having that session with Mr. Scherak I think we all became a lot more interested in what is currently going on in the world. Overall, we as the 5B can definitely agree that it was a great experience.