IB Visual Arts - Clay Head

I first started by taking old newspapers to form a sphere which I could then put on a stick so it would be easier to form the head and the neck.
Then, I proceeded to the next step, which involved forming the neck so the head could later on stand on its own.
After doing that, I had to start giving my head some features in the face.

The most difficult thing when doing that was to make it look somehow realistic and not alien-like. When forming the nose I saw that my chin was way too short to have enough space for lips, so I added carefully some clay until I had the feeling that the proportions were better.
On the first two photos on the left were taken before I added some mass to the chin and hence it still looks very short. Interestingly, I figured that the chin is too small when I was looking at the pictures at home, somehow I did not see that when observing the head in real-life.
I spend the next few lessons working on the features of the face such as the nose, the ears and the mouth.
Subsequently, I waited for the head to come out of the oven, preferably in one piece. Luckily, this was the case and I got my clay head back.
There are pictures below of my head before it went into the oven.