Klassik vom Feinsten

Veröffentlicht am 12.06.2018

Die Kulturvermittlungsprogramme des Wiener Musikvereins und der Wiener Philharmoniker bieten für Schulklassen die einzigartige Gelegenheit Klassik vom Feinsten zu genießen. Seit vielen Jahren schon besuchen wir mit den Jugendlichen öffentliche Generalproben im Goldenen Saal und moderierte Schülerkonzerte im Gläsernen Saal des Hauses.

Besonders beeindruckt zeigte sich in diesem Jahr die IB – Klasse 6.B, die über die Musikvermittlungs-Reihe der Wiener Philharmoniker „passwort:klassik“ das weltberühmte Orchester gemeinsam mit der Solistin Sol Gabetta im Konzerthaus bei einem Violoncello – Konzert von Edward Elgar erleben durfte. Lesen Sie unten einige Schülerstimmen.

I really enjoyed following the guided concert and was immersed in the sound of the calming music. It was an extraordinary experience and pleasure to watch such talented musicians going after their passion. At some points it was really touching. I especially liked the grand finale because it had something very dramatic. I felt a lot of emotions while listening. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to witness such a spectacular and beautiful concert.
Lara Schwarz, 6.b

The concert was really amazing. In fact, this was my very first time attending a classical music concert. The musical piece was very peaceful and relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot.
Stina Simon, 6.b

Proben der Wiener Philharmoniker zu besuchen, ist eine tolle Möglichkeit, diese weltbekannten Musiker –noch dazu gratis- zu bewundern. Ich freue mich jedes Mal wieder, wenn wir einen Konzert-Ausflug machen, da ich dies privat eher selten tue und so doch ab und zu ein Konzert live gespielt höre.
Ann-Kathrin Salmen, 6.b

I, as an adamant „classical – hater“, have to admit that I enjoyed this piece. It wasn’t too long and was very interesting to listen to. The introduction by the students was also nice and much more interesting than if it had been done by a teacher.
Olivia Alafriz, 6.b

The performance was introduced by some students from another school. Although their presentation seemed rather dry and to some extent boring, we have to take into account the enormous stress factor, so I would say they did a pretty good job. The music piece, performed by the orchestra, was directed beautifully and the solo musician was just the cherry on the top. (..) Overall, the entire trip left a great impression and the entire class seemed to have enjoyed it.
Emanuel Amann, 6.b

Although we already have analysed Elgar’s cello concerto in the music lesson before, it surprisingly still had a lot of new parts in it. (..)The atmosphere in Wiener Konzerthaus is simply amazing. The building not only is a perfect example of beautiful architecture, but also makes the sound even better. The piece itself was very exciting. This fight of sadness and happiness created a dynamic change of my emotions.
Max Vozicky, 6.b

As we learned before, the composition was rather sad. You really were able to notice the sadness during the concert, however, it was beautiful at the same time. This emotional mix, combined with the amazing performance of the orchestra and the soloist, was what made the trip so remarkable. I hope that in future we will have excursions similar to this one.
Niklas Schmidt, 6.b

Es ist mir immer eine Freude die Wiener Philharmoniker zu hören. Sehr enttäuscht war ich allerdings vom Rahmen, der von Schülern sehr kindisch gestaltet wurde. Das eigentlich Konzert hat das aber letztlich ausgeglichen.
Stefan Szokoll, 6.b

At first, I wasn’t expecting anything overwhelming, but I surprisingly really enjoyed the piece.
Garen Tufanchi, 6.b

I could recognize a lot of the parts we had discussed the lesson before the concert, which also helped me to hear when each movement of the piece started and ended. Also the facts about Elgar’s life-situation at the time he composed his cello concerto felt like they were really mirrored in his music. (...) In general, the music was quite quiet, which seemed to me like it was because of the sadness and melancholy being too strong for any other emotion to be felt.(..) Furthermore, it was very interesting to watch the soloist, who really seemed to live out the music she and the orchestra played.
Valerie Stockhammer, 6.b

Weitere Konzertbesuche im Schuljahr 2017/18:

6.B: 13.4.2018 moderiertes Schülerkonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker im Wiener Konzerthaus. E.Elgar: Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester in e-Moll op. 85

4.E: 16.4.2018, moderiertes Schülerkonzert im Wiener Musikverein. R.Wagner: Siegfried-Idyll

6.D: 9.3.2018, Generalprobe im Wiener Musikverein – Tonkünstler – Orchester/Jun Märkl. R.Wagner: Ouverture zu „Der fliegende Holländer“, Toshio Hosokawa „Circulating Ocean“, E. Elgar: Sea Pictures, C. Debussy: La Mer

5.C: 21.3.2018, Generalprobe im Wiener Musikverein – Wiener Symphoniker/Jakub Hruša. F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Meeresstille und glückliche Fahrt, B.Britten: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester D-Dur, op. 13, J. Brahms Symphonie Nr. 4 e-Moll, op. 98

7.BCD: 16.5.2018, Generalprobe im Wiener Musikverein – Wiener Symphoniker/ Manfred Honeck. L. van Beethoven: Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 5 Es-Dur op. 73, D. Schostakowitsch Symphonie Nr.5 op. 47

Mag. Christina Strehlow