4D’s English project

Veröffentlicht am 08.03.2017

In early Decem­ber of 2016 our class (4D) star­ted to work on a port­fo­lio based on a book under the super­vi­sion of our Eng­lish teacher. In order to ful­fill this task we had to read an Eng­lish book, describe one cha­rac­ter and a scene, and review the novel. Addi­tio­nally, a crea­tive extra in any con­nec­tion to the book had to be pro­du­ced. 
The first step was going to the school’s library to select our per­so­nal books: from clas­sics like »The Chro­ni­cles of Narnia« and »Winnie-the-Pooh«, mys­tery novels like »The Cham­ber« and »Sher­lock Holmes«, to com­ple­tely new addi­ti­ons like »Harry Potter and the Cursed Child«, every genre was cove­red.

The second task was to read the books, which most of us did over winter break, and if not, over the course of Janu­ary.

Then we had to write the cha­rac­ter and scene descrip­tion, and the recom­men­da­tion. That was the part where ever­yone could demons­trate the qua­lity of their rea­ding skills. Even though the word mini­mum for these tasks was 100 words, most of us sur­pas­sed this, which is really some­thing spe­cial and shows our com­mit­ment and enthu­si­asm for this Eng­lish pro­ject.

Howe­ver, the crea­tive extra was the most out­stan­ding part. Ever­yone put all their crea­ti­vity, devo­tion and moti­va­tion into this, which resul­ted in colour­ful drawings, intri­cate games and even a che­mi­cal reac­tion (cour­tesy of Valen­tin Skopek). In one final lesson we showed one ano­ther all these texts and crea­ti­ons, which was very excit­ing to say the least.

Ulti­mately, we lear­ned a lot from this pro­ject or port­fo­lio, like wri­ting descrip­ti­ons and recom­men­da­ti­ons, how to plan our time cor­rectly and even some more about our class­ma­tes, which not only brought us closer to each other, but also gave us the chance to show our other abili­ties and inte­rests out­s­ide the Eng­lish class­room.