5B Class Visit to the Austrian Parliament

Veröffentlicht am 03.02.2017

On Friday the 3rd of Febru­ary 2017 our class, the 5B, got to visit the Par­lia­ment. We were given a great tour, inclu­ding the basic his­tory of the Aus­trian Par­lia­ment. Among other rooms we saw the His­to­ric Mee­ting Hall and both the Natio­nal and Federal Coun­cil Cham­ber. We lear­ned what the dif­fe­rent rooms were/​are used for, and how some rooms had to be reno­va­ted after an aerial bomb attack in WWII. Our tour guide was very kind, and made sure that by the end of the visit we knew the import­ance and back­ground of the Aus­trian Par­lia­ment.

The second part of our visit was also great. We had a pri­vate hour with Niko­laus Niki” Scherak of the NEOS politi­cal party. He explai­ned in detail about what he did with the NEOS, and in return we got to ask him ques­ti­ons about what he/​the NEOS thought about cer­tain topics like equa­lity or drugs. We also lear­ned about Mr Scherak’s politi­cal views on other par­ties and coun­tries. It was very infor­ma­tio­nal and enter­tai­ning!

It was really great that we got to have this oppor­tu­nity, because it is rare that we can actually talk to a real politi­cian about what they are doing. I found it great, because not only did we learn a lot about the Par­lia­ment itself, but it spar­ked an inte­rest in politics in many of us. Per­so­nally, I never really unders­tood or was inte­rested in learning about the details of politics, but after having that ses­sion with Mr. Scherak I think we all became a lot more inte­rested in what is cur­rently going on in the world. Over­all, we as the 5B can defi­ni­tely agree that it was a great expe­ri­ence.