Veröffentlicht am 02.06.2015

On June 2nd, 2015, the clas­ses 3B and 3C went to Vienna toge­ther with their music teachers Edith Ach­leit­ner-Koch and Andy Char­le­wood to listen to a con­cert in one of the most famous con­cert halls of the world: the Wiener Musik­ver­ein. It was a mode­ra­ted con­cert played by the Sin­fo­ni­etta Baden in the rather new Glass Hall. The orches­tra per­for­med Joseph Haydn´s Fare­well sym­phony” and allo­wed some of the pupils to sit right among the musi­ci­ans. Others could even try, after a short intro­duc­tion by con­duc­tor Chris­toph Ehren­fell­ner, to con­duct a small part of the piece them­sel­ves, which was real fun.

All the ques­ti­ons asked by the child­ren were ans­we­red by the musi­ci­ans, the con­duc­tor and the pre­sen­ter Robert Rieder. So the pupils really felt invol­ved in the per­for­mance and enjoyed their time which passed very quickly.

Edith Ach­leit­ner-Koch