Class 5BF went on a trip to IST Austria

Veröffentlicht am 08.03.2018

We visi­ted the Wojtan Group – they work on Com­pu­ter Gra­phics and Phy­sics Simu­la­tion. A PhD stu­dent in the group talked to us about his rese­arch in »Effi­ci­ent simu­la­tion of fluid dyna­mics, espe­cially liquids«. He explai­ned to us how very com­plex beha­viour on fluid sur­face can be simu­la­ted using extre­mely simple for­mu­lae. Then a post-doc­to­ral fellow talked to us about her jour­ney as a com­pu­ter sci­en­tist, what inte­rests her and what inspi­res her.
We then visi­ted the offices of Bickel group – they work on Com­pu­ter Gra­phics and Digi­tal Fabri­ca­tion and chat­ted with a post doc­to­ral fellow and a PhD stu­dent about their work. They showed us sam­ples of some 3D prin­ted objects they are working on and the impro­ve­ments they are trying to make on 3D prin­ting tech­ni­ques and pro­ce­du­res.
Our last stop on the trip was the work­shop where we saw how dif­fe­rent custom made parts are desi­gned and manu­fac­tu­red for the expe­ri­men­tal groups in the insti­tute. We got a close look at the 2 mas­sive 3D prin­ters they have and learnt how they work.