Class 5BF went on a trip to IST Austria

Veröffentlicht am 08.03.2018

We visited the Wojtan Group – they work on Computer Graphics and Physics Simulation. A PhD student in the group talked to us about his research in "Efficient simulation of fluid dynamics, especially liquids". He explained to us how very complex behaviour on fluid surface can be simulated using extremely simple formulae. Then a post-doctoral fellow talked to us about her journey as a computer scientist, what interests her and what inspires her.
We then visited the offices of Bickel group - they work on Computer Graphics and Digital Fabrication and chatted with a post doctoral fellow and a PhD student about their work. They showed us samples of some 3D printed objects they are working on and the improvements they are trying to make on 3D printing techniques and procedures.
Our last stop on the trip was the workshop where we saw how different custom made parts are designed and manufactured for the experimental groups in the institute. We got a close look at the 2 massive 3D printers they have and learnt how they work.