Getty Museum’s Quarantine Challenge Klosterneuburg style

Veröffentlicht am 20.04.2020

Due to the recent events the J. Paul Getty Museum in Cali­for­nia star­ted a unique chal­lenge to re-create people’s favo­rite art by simply using objects lying around at home. As we (5B) have cove­red the Renais­sance and ana­ly­zed several pain­tings in his­tory, Prof. Weiss gave us a bril­li­ant sug­ges­tion to take part in this enter­tai­ning chal­lenge, with the excep­tion of working with spe­ci­fi­cally Renais­sance artists such as Michel­an­gelo, Albrecht Dürer, Hier­ony­mus Bosch, and many, many more. Our ima­gi­na­tion (and sense of humor) was tested, yet the results sub­mit­ted were genui­nely crea­tive and impres­sive and are proof how crea­tive we can be when we put our minds to some­thing. Fun­nily enough, our inspi­ra­tion mainly came from sta­ring at our rooms. This was a dif­fe­rent take on teaching his­tory and art that we really appre­cia­ted in times like these. We got to review our favo­rite know­ledge on our favo­rite Renais­sance artists, re-ignite our ima­gi­na­tion, and finally, find art in the simple things.
By Annie Sina­nian, Frank Spill­mann (5B)

Albrecht Dürer