IB Diploma Results 2018

Veröffentlicht am 09.07.2018

Once again I can inform the school community and friends of KlS about very pleasing IB results. The number of students entering the Diploma Programme has been growing steadily over the past years and with 35 students, this year’s cohort is the biggest our school has ever seen. As a consequence, the results are more diverse than in years gone by. 87% of the students who did the full Diploma Programme and handed in all the required work passed the exams and did this with an average of 33.3 points, well above the average for IB schools which is around 30. I would especially like to mention Simon Becke, who, with 44 out of 45 points, achieved the highest score we have ever seen at KIS. One third of our students achieved 38 points or higher, a score that opens the doors to the very best universities. 23 students successfully completed the IB Diploma and the Austrian matriculation exam.

Hearty congratulations to our class of 2018 for their great results!

Siegfrid Opelka