IB Diploma results 2021

Veröffentlicht am 09.07.2021

Dear school com­mu­nity, fri­ends and neigh­bours,

We are more than proud to inform you that cohort 2021 has achie­ved the best results in the his­tory of Gym­na­sium Klos­ter­neu­burg IB World School. Des­pite the uphea­val of the Covid-19 pan­de­mic; des­pite dis­tance teaching, hybrid-teaching, much uncer­tainty and worries; des­pite the fact that our stu­dents do the IB Diploma AND the Aus­trian Matura. This achie­ve­ment is more than impres­sive and cannot be over­ra­ted.

This year we had 24 full diploma can­di­da­tes and one stu­dent who did several cer­ti­fi­ca­tes. Klos­ter­neu­burg stu­dents once again achie­ved a pass rate of 100%. The aver­age points achie­ved are 39,08 points (out of 45), which is abso­lu­tely out­stan­ding and ahead of the global aver­age which is 33 this year. A stag­ge­ring 62.5% of cohort 2021 have 38 points or more which opens the doors to the best uni­ver­si­ties. Two stu­dents scored 44, 43, 42 and 41 points respec­tively. Three can­di­da­tes reached 40 points, two 39 and one can­di­date got 38 points.

This cohort’s best stu­dent is Ms Hannah Rei­nisch who scored 45 points out of 45. This is the first time a stu­dent of our school got the hig­hest score. Con­gra­tu­la­ti­ons, so well done, Hannah! 

Hearty con­gra­tu­la­ti­ons to our class of 2021 for their spec­ta­cu­lar results!

Sieg­frid Opelka, IB Diploma Coor­di­na­tor