Klassik vom Feinsten

Veröffentlicht am 12.06.2018

Die Kul­tur­ver­mitt­lungs­pro­gramme des Wiener Musik­ver­eins und der Wiener Phil­har­mo­ni­ker bieten für Schul­klas­sen die ein­zig­ar­tige Gele­gen­heit Klas­sik vom Feins­ten zu genie­ßen. Seit vielen Jahren schon besu­chen wir mit den Jugend­li­chen öffent­li­che Gene­ral­pro­ben im Gol­de­nen Saal und mode­rierte Schü­ler­kon­zerte im Glä­ser­nen Saal des Hauses. 

Beson­ders beein­druckt zeigte sich in diesem Jahr die IB – Klasse 6.B, die über die Musik­ver­mitt­lungs-Reihe der Wiener Phil­har­mo­ni­ker passwort:klassik“ das welt­be­rühmte Orches­ter gemein­sam mit der Solis­tin Sol Gabetta im Kon­zert­haus bei einem Vio­lon­cello – Kon­zert von Edward Elgar erle­ben durfte. Lesen Sie unten einige Schü­ler­stim­men.

I really enjoyed fol­lo­wing the guided con­cert and was immer­sed in the sound of the cal­ming music. It was an extra­or­di­nary expe­ri­ence and plea­sure to watch such talen­ted musi­ci­ans going after their pas­sion. At some points it was really tou­ch­ing. I espe­cially liked the grand finale because it had some­thing very dra­ma­tic. I felt a lot of emo­ti­ons while lis­ten­ing. I am very thank­ful for having the oppor­tu­nity to wit­ness such a spec­ta­cu­lar and beau­ti­ful con­cert.
Lara Schwarz, 6.b

The con­cert was really ama­zing. In fact, this was my very first time atten­ding a clas­si­cal music con­cert. The musi­cal piece was very peace­ful and rela­xing. I enjoyed it a lot.
Stina Simon, 6.b

Proben der Wiener Phil­har­mo­ni­ker zu besu­chen, ist eine tolle Mög­lich­keit, diese welt­be­kann­ten Musi­ker –noch dazu gratis- zu bewun­dern. Ich freue mich jedes Mal wieder, wenn wir einen Kon­zert-Aus­flug machen, da ich dies privat eher selten tue und so doch ab und zu ein Kon­zert live gespielt höre.
Ann-Kath­rin Salmen, 6.b

I, as an adamant clas­si­cal – hater“, have to admit that I enjoyed this piece. It wasn’t too long and was very inte­res­ting to listen to. The intro­duc­tion by the stu­dents was also nice and much more inte­res­ting than if it had been done by a teacher.
Olivia Alafriz, 6.b

The per­for­mance was intro­du­ced by some stu­dents from ano­ther school. Alt­hough their pre­sen­ta­tion seemed rather dry and to some extent boring, we have to take into account the enor­mous stress factor, so I would say they did a pretty good job. The music piece, per­for­med by the orches­tra, was direc­ted beau­ti­fully and the solo musi­cian was just the cherry on the top. (..) Over­all, the entire trip left a great impres­sion and the entire class seemed to have enjoyed it.
Ema­nuel Amann, 6.b

Alt­hough we alre­ady have ana­ly­sed Elgar’s cello con­certo in the music lesson before, it sur­pri­sin­gly still had a lot of new parts in it. (..)The atmo­s­phere in Wiener Kon­zert­haus is simply ama­zing. The buil­ding not only is a per­fect example of beau­ti­ful archi­tec­ture, but also makes the sound even better. The piece itself was very excit­ing. This fight of sad­ness and hap­pi­ness crea­ted a dyna­mic change of my emo­ti­ons.
Max Vozi­cky, 6.b

As we lear­ned before, the com­po­si­tion was rather sad. You really were able to notice the sad­ness during the con­cert, howe­ver, it was beau­ti­ful at the same time. This emo­tio­nal mix, com­bi­ned with the ama­zing per­for­mance of the orches­tra and the soloist, was what made the trip so remar­ka­ble. I hope that in future we will have excur­si­ons simi­lar to this one.
Niklas Schmidt, 6.b

Es ist mir immer eine Freude die Wiener Phil­har­mo­ni­ker zu hören. Sehr ent­täuscht war ich aller­dings vom Rahmen, der von Schü­lern sehr kin­disch gestal­tet wurde. Das eigent­lich Kon­zert hat das aber letzt­lich aus­ge­gli­chen.
Stefan Szo­koll, 6.b

At first, I wasn’t expec­ting any­thing overw­hel­ming, but I sur­pri­sin­gly really enjoyed the piece.
Garen Tufan­chi, 6.b

I could reco­gnize a lot of the parts we had dis­cus­sed the lesson before the con­cert, which also helped me to hear when each move­ment of the piece star­ted and ended. Also the facts about Elgar’s life-situa­tion at the time he com­po­sed his cello con­certo felt like they were really mir­ro­red in his music. (…) In gene­ral, the music was quite quiet, which seemed to me like it was because of the sad­ness and melan­ch­oly being too strong for any other emo­tion to be felt.(..) Fur­ther­more, it was very inte­res­ting to watch the soloist, who really seemed to live out the music she and the orches­tra played.
Vale­rie Stock­ham­mer, 6.b

Wei­tere Kon­zert­be­su­che im Schul­jahr 201718:

6.B: 13.4.2018 mode­rier­tes Schü­ler­kon­zert der Wiener Phil­har­mo­ni­ker im Wiener Kon­zert­haus. E.Elgar: Kon­zert für Vio­lon­cello und Orches­ter in e-Moll op. 85

4.E: 16.4.2018, mode­rier­tes Schü­ler­kon­zert im Wiener Musik­ver­ein. R.Wagner: Sieg­fried-Idyll

6.D: 9.3.2018, Gene­ral­probe im Wiener Musik­ver­ein – Ton­künst­ler – Orchester/​Jun Märkl. R.Wagner: Ouver­ture zu Der flie­gende Hol­län­der“, Toshio Hoso­kawa Cir­cu­la­ting Ocean“, E. Elgar: Sea Pic­tu­res, C. Debussy: La Mer

5.C: 21.3.2018, Gene­ral­probe im Wiener Musik­ver­ein – Wiener Symphoniker/​Jakub Hruša. F. Men­dels­sohn-Bar­tholdy: Mee­res­stille und glück­li­che Fahrt, B.Britten: Kon­zert für Kla­vier und Orches­ter D-Dur, op. 13, J. Brahms Sym­pho­nie Nr. 4 e-Moll, op. 98

7.BCD: 16.5.2018, Gene­ral­probe im Wiener Musik­ver­ein – Wiener Symphoniker/​Man­fred Honeck. L. van Beet­ho­ven: Kon­zert für Kla­vier und Orches­ter Nr. 5 Es-Dur op. 73, D. Schosta­ko­witsch Sym­pho­nie Nr.5 op. 47

Mag. Chris­tina Streh­low