“One Ocean”: A Global Science Opera

Science meets art – our students participated in a global opera.

Veröffentlicht am 12.12.2018

It was a won­der­ful learning expe­ri­ence for the stu­dents of 4C to have par­ti­ci­pa­ted in this pro­ject which pre­mie­red world­wide on Decem­ber 12th, 2018 2PM CET / 1PM GMT. The Global Sci­ence Opera (GSO) is inspi­red by the work of Pro­fes­sor Anna Craft (1961−2014), and espe­cially by her thoughts on the con­cept of Pos­si­bi­lity Thin­king”. The idea behind the Global Sci­ence Opera is for stu­dents all around the world to join toge­ther to nar­rate a story – where sci­ence meets art. Each year a topic is chosen, learning mate­rial pre­pa­red by experts is made avail­able to the stu­dents, dif­fe­rent scenes in the »opera« are assi­gned to dif­fe­rent schools, and all the scenes are then put toge­ther to create an hour long opera. 

We had the plea­sure of star­ting off this year’s opera with the opening scene. The stu­dents did an incredi­ble job of not just miming the early for­ma­tive years of our Earth and our oceans but also per­for­ming the accom­pany­ing music to the scene. The stu­dents also vir­tually joined fellow stu­dents from Eng­land, Por­tu­gal, USA and Norway to per­form a song called »song of the sea« writ­ten and com­po­sed for this pro­ject.

The words of Andre Kui­pers, Astro­naut, Euro­pean Space Agency (ESA) sums it all up per­fectly: Explo­ring sci­ence toge­ther as part of a global class­room, it’s a great idea.”

Andrew Char­le­wood, Con­stanze Posautz, San­juk­tha Mukund

The link to the opera