PuP Excursion Report- "Hands Up" and the "Museum of Illusions"

Veröffentlicht am 24.01.2020

24.1.2020. After 7B, Prof. Alt­mann and Prof. Hin­ter­ber­ger finis­hed gathe­ring in Aula 0 after 5th period, our Psy­cho­logy excur­sion led us to the train sta­tion and off we went to Vienna. Sui­ta­ble for our past psy­cho­logy clas­ses about cogni­tion, we visi­ted the inter­ac­tive exhi­bi­tion Hands Up”, a col­la­bo­ra­tion with the slightly more well-known Dia­lo­gue in the Dark”, but just as impres­sive. There the class got the chance to put on spe­cial noise can­cel­ling head­pho­nes and get an impres­sion of what it is like to be deaf while our guide, Mr. Kas­ha­novsky-Resl, led us through the exhi­bi­tion and told us various insights about the lives of deaf people in Aus­tria, by using body lan­guage and as much sign lan­guage as we could under­stand. Not only did 7B learn some basic sign lan­guage and how to spell our names using it, but we also gained a much better under­stan­ding of the import­ance of body lan­guage and the daily lives of deaf people from this expe­ri­ence.
Let­ting the after­noon slowly come to an end, we also visi­ted the Museum of Illu­si­ons, where we let our­sel­ves be tri­cked by our per­cep­tion and, of course, took many pic­tu­res.
Flo­ren­tina Serles