Vienna English Theatre 7A

Veröffentlicht am 05.10.2018

The Lie: an outing to the Eng­lish Thea­tre
On Wed­nes­day, the 26th of Sep­tem­ber, 7A went on an eve­ning outing the Eng­lish thea­tre in Vienna to see the play The Lie”. It was sur­pri­sin­gly cold for Sep­tem­ber and almost ever­y­body was wea­ring a coat and scarf. We finally arri­ved in front of the thea­tre where we got our tickets. Then we went inside the buil­ding, which was nice because there it was warm, and found our seats. A few moments later, the play star­ted.
During the first act, a mar­ried couple was arguing about whe­ther or not they still wanted the couple they were fri­ends with to come over for dinner. The woman of the first couple had alle­gedly seen the man of the second couple chea­ting on his wife. The play was all about who had been having an affair with whom, trust, love and lies. I will not reveal the plot twists and the ending, so as not to spoil the intri­gue for you if you want to read/​watch the play, but I can tell you that it was a very inge­nious and intel­li­gent ending to the story.
After the play had ended, ever­y­body headed back to the S-Bahn sta­tion. Some even deci­ded to go by foot, to enjoy the night air and to stretch their legs. All in all, we had a very enjoya­ble eve­ning and I think ever­y­body had a lot of fun!
Chiara Snow