Bilingual Programme

Last Update: 12.11.2020

The Bilin­gual Pro­gramme is taught in both Eng­lish and German begin­ning in year 1. There are 50 places avail­able in Year 1. Ideally, pupils who have com­pleted the first four years of the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme will feel able to face the sube­squent chal­lenges of the IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme in the Upper School. The IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme is taught and examined exclus­ively in Eng­lish.

Altern­at­ively and sub­ject to suf­fi­cient applic­a­tions, the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme can con­tinue in the Upper School (years 5 to 8) lead­ing to a bilin­gual Matura (Aus­trian School Leav­ing Cer­ti­fic­ate).


Admis­sion to the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme is by writ­ten and oral exam­in­a­tion. We have fifty places for 10-year-olds (year 1). 

Pro­gramme goal

All pupils attend­ing the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme are expec­ted to attain sub­ject flu­ency in Eng­lish and German: Eng­lish mother-tongue speak­ers are expec­ted to be able to follow teach­ing in German and, with time, gain full aca­demic pro­fi­ciency in that lan­guage. Native German speak­ers are expec­ted to reach a near native” level of lan­guage in Eng­lish. Sub­ject-spe­cific vocab­u­lary is built up gradu­ally, and inter­ac­tion with our Eng­lish-speak­ing pupils and teach­ers accel­er­ates learn­ing.

Teach­ing staff and meth­od­o­logy

In addi­tion to a gradu­ate qual­i­fic­a­tion in the rel­ev­ant sub­ject, mem­bers of the Aus­trian teach­ing staff in the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme typ­ic­ally have a teach­ing degree in Eng­lish, have taught in an Eng­lish-speak­ing coun­try or were bilin­gually edu­cated them­selves.
Teach­ing in the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme at BG/BRG Klosterneuburg imple­ments cur­rent con­tent and lan­guage integ­rated learn­ing (CLIL) meth­od­o­logy. In the Lower Sec­ond­ary School, approx­im­ately 50 per cent of sub­ject teach­ing is team-taught, where an Aus­trian member of the teach­ing staff is sup­por­ted by a ded­ic­ated team of inter­na­tional staff.

Assess­ment in the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme

Assess­ment is car­ried out in both Eng­lish and German through­out the year. In writ­ten tests, suit­able meas­ures are taken to ensure that the ques­tions are com­pre­hens­ible to all. Sub­ject con­tent, rather than lin­guistic com­pet­ence, shall determ­ine grad­ing at all times. It is a legal require­ment to allow pupils to respond at any time in their mother tongue, should it be neces­sary.

Sup­ple­ment­ary tuition in German

Non-German-speak­ing pupils attend­ing our Bilin­gual Pro­gramme can receive extra lan­guage tuition in German appro­pri­ate to their age and lan­guage level.