Last Update: 29.03.2019

All admis­sions for school year 2019/2020 are closed.

Applic­a­tion to year 1

The pre-requis­ite for all pupils apply­ing to our school is offi­cially doc­u­mented res­id­ence in Klosterneuburg

Step 1: Formal Regis­tra­tion and required doc­u­ments

For a place in Year 1 of the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme to start in Septem­ber 2019, you must register your child in person with us in Feb­ru­ary 2019. Please be aware that this date is set by the Lower Aus­trian Edu­ca­tion Board and is non-nego­ti­able.

You must register your child in person.

Please bring the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments:

  • Most recent report (Semesterzeugnis) (copy & ori­ginal)
  • Social Secur­ity Number of your child
  • Cer­ti­fic­ate of Res­id­ency (Meldez­ettel) (copy & ori­ginal)
  • Decree of Guard­i­an­ship (Vor­mund­schafts­dekret) — for single par­ents

Step 2: Entrance Assess­ments

The exams do not require any pre­par­a­tion in advance.

After com­plet­ing the formal regis­tra­tion, your child will be invited to sit the entrance assess­ments.
Abil­ity in the pupils’ lan­guage of instruc­tion (German or Eng­lish), cre­ativ­ity and logical think­ing will be assessed both in writ­ten and oral form by an external panel.
For entry in Septem­ber 2016 the writ­ten exam and oral exams usu­ally take place at the begin­ning of March. The assess­ments carry a fee of €25 per child. The writ­ten and oral assess­ments can be taken either in Eng­lish or German, depend­ing on which lan­guage the child feels most secure in. A sig­ni­fic­ant major­ity of can­did­ates take the exam in German and Aus­trian pupils will not be dis­ad­vant­aged by choos­ing to take the exam in German. 

Step 3: Enroll­ment

Shortly after the entrance assess­ments, parents/​guardians will be noti­fied of the res­ults per email. If your child is unsuc­cess­ful a place in one of the reg­u­lar classes at BG/BRG Klosterneuburg is guar­an­teed.

Applic­a­tion to years 2 – 4

The pre-requis­ite for all pupils apply­ing to our school is offi­cially doc­u­mented res­id­ence in Klosterneuburg

Gen­eral Inform­a­tion

Nor­mally, admis­sion is for Year 1 only. How­ever, on occa­sion we can offer lim­ited places in the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme for pupils want­ing to join these classes after Year 1. This refers to applic­ants from within the school as well as external can­did­ates.
In both cases, please follow the steps as described below:

Applic­a­tion Pro­cess

Step 1: Gen­eral Enquiry

Please write an e-mail to Ms Lisa Sophie Fruh­mann (iboffice@​bgklosterneuburg.​at) with a brief descrip­tion of your child includ­ing date of birth and which grade he or she is cur­rently attend­ing.

Step 2: Edu­ca­tional his­tory

If a place is avail­able, you will be provided with an Edu­ca­tional His­tory Form to fill in and reques­ted to send copies of your child’s most recent reports. Please note that Steps 1 and 2 should be com­pleted by Decem­ber 31st if your child wants to start at the school as of Septem­ber of the fol­low­ing year.

Step 3: School visit and appoint­ment with Head of Admis­sions

A date will be arranged for you to visit the school and meet with the Head of Admis­sions. This must be arranged in advance.

Step 4: Assess­ment

A date will be arranged for your child to be assessed in Maths and Eng­lish (and German, if deemed neces­sary). The assess­ment car­ries a fee of €80 per child and must be com­pleted by the end of Feb­ru­ary. In addi­tion, the pupil will be asked to submit a letter of motiv­a­tion. A con­fid­en­tial Pupil Assess­ment Form will be for­war­ded to external can­did­ates’ cur­rent schools. 

Step 5: Formal Regis­tra­tion, required doc­u­ments and enroll­ment

Fol­low­ing a formal decision on accept­ance, the fol­low­ing doc­u­ments must be sub­mit­ted:

  • Regis­tra­tion Form (avail­able at the school sec­ret­ariat or to down­load here )
  • Cer­ti­fic­ate of Res­id­ency (Meldez­ettel)

Gen­eral inform­a­tion:

The pre-requis­ite for all pupils apply­ing to our school is offi­cially doc­u­mented res­id­ence in Klosterneuburg

As we offer a Bilin­gual Pro­gramme, classes take place both in German and Eng­lish. Prior know­ledge of German is essen­tial, prior know­ledge of Eng­lish is not, as most of our pupils enter­ing Year 1 are native-German speak­ers. Les­sons in the first year are held pre­dom­in­antly in German with an increas­ing lan­guage input and amount of mater­i­als in Eng­lish.
Admis­sion to the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme is select­ive. There are two classes per cohort.

Exper­i­ence shows that our most suc­cess­ful applic­ants are:

  • Native speak­ers of German who show an aptitude for lan­guages and a desire to work hard.
  • Native speak­ers of Eng­lish, who show an aptitude for lan­guages, an interest in learn­ing German and a desire to work hard.
  • Bilin­gual chil­dren (German/​English) and those who have atten­ded an inter­na­tional school.

    For applic­a­tions to Years 5 and 6 (pre-IB Pro­gramme), please see IB Pro­gramme Admis­sion.