Programme costs

Last Update: 14.01.2019

We are a non-fee-paying Aus­trian state school.

The Bilin­gual Pro­gramme is sup­por­ted by the Edu­ca­tion Board of Lower Aus­tria. To cover addi­tional costs (Eng­lish teach­ing mater­i­als, Eng­lish text books etc.) the Pro­gramme car­ries a con­tri­bu­tion of €45 per month for each pupil. Pay­ment is by stand­ing order.
Lack of means is no bar to entry: fin­an­cial assist­ance is avail­able.

Admis­sion to the first year of the pro­gramme through our stand­ard assess­ment pro­ced­ure in March car­ries a charge of 25€. The more per­son­al­ised admis­sions ser­vice required for entry to years 2 – 7 car­ries a charge of 80€.