Last Update: 13.01.2019

Down­load a list of the actual courses offered for the next IB DP exam ses­sions:

Please note that the actual courses offered at KIS each year depend on the number of pupils inter­ested in a course. There must be a min­imum number of five pupils registered for a course in order for that course to take place.

For a detailed descrip­tion of the indi­vidual courses offered at KIS please see:

Present­a­tion: What is the right com­bin­a­tion of IB sub­jects for me? (19.11.2015)

Dip­loma can­did­ates are required to select one sub­ject from each of the six sub­ject groups. Three courses are taken at higher level (HL), three courses are taken at stand­ard level (SL). How­ever, instead of a Group 6 sub­ject (The Arts), a can­did­ate may select any addi­tional sub­ject from groups 2 to 4.

HL courses rep­res­ent a recom­men­ded 240 teach­ing hours over the two-year dip­loma pro­gramme, SL courses 150 hours.