Financial commitment

Last Update: 13.01.2019

The IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme at KIS enjoys sub­stan­tial sup­port from the Board of Edu­ca­tion for Lower Aus­tria and other spon­sors.

When regis­ter­ing for the two-year IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme at our school, par­ents should expect the fol­low­ing costs:

Monthly con­tri­bu­tion: EUR 45

To cover the school’s addi­tional over­head costs (teacher train­ing, office sup­port, copy costs, dis­patch costs, etc.).

Stu­dent regis­tra­tion fee: EUR 118

This one-time fee is paid to the IB Organ­iz­a­tion (IBO) by all pupils who wish to take one or more exam­in­a­tions in a par­tic­u­lar IB exam­in­a­tion ses­sion.

Sub­ject fee: EUR 492 (6x EUR 82)

A sub­ject fee of EUR 79 is paid to the IBO for each assessed sub­ject taken. Six sub­jects are taken for the entire IB Dip­loma. There is no fee for ToK (Theory of Know­ledge), CAS (Cre­ativ­ity, Action and Ser­vice) or the Exten­ded Essay assess­ment.

Approx­im­ate book costs: EUR 250 – 300

The books will be ordered by the school. The final book costs will depend on the IB sub­jects chosen by the can­did­ate.

Equip­ment costs: EUR 90

Costs for the TI cal­cu­lator used for the IB exam­in­a­tions. Please bear in mind that the IBO asks for spe­cific cal­cu­lator models. In addi­tion, stu­dents will be asked to work with a net­book from Year 5 onwards. If desired, par­ents may pur­chase a net­book through our school.

Expec­ted field trips: EUR 800.00