Questions and Answers

Last Update: 14.01.2019

Why do the IB?

The skills and com­pet­ences that the IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme equips you with pre­pare you ideally for Uni­ver­sity. The IB Dip­loma is a glob­ally recog­nised qual­i­fic­a­tion and sig­nals one of the highest stand­ards of aca­demic achieve­ment. The IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme is taught exclus­ively in Eng­lish, lead­ing to a level of lan­guage pro­fi­ciency that is highly valued in the increas­ingly inter­na­tion­al­ised pro­fes­sional world.

What are the cri­teria for admis­sion to the IB Pro­gramme?

Pupils must be res­id­ent in Klosterneuburg with a legal guard­ian and must have the abil­ity to study exclus­ively in Eng­lish. Their pre­vi­ous aca­demic record must be very good and they will be asked to take a writ­ten entrance assess­ment. Aus­trian pupils must addi­tion­ally fulfil the cri­teria of the Aus­trian national cur­riculum. Pri­or­ity is given to those pupils who have com­pleted the Bilin­gual Pro­gramme in the lower school and external applic­ants will be accep­ted only sub­ject to a place being avail­able.

When does my child apply for the IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme?

The IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme is a two-year Pro­gramme for 16 – 18 year olds (Years 7 – 8). If your child is inter­ested in a place, please con­tact the IB office by the end of Decem­ber in the year pre­ced­ing entry. Your child can apply for the pre-IB Years if they are 14 – 16 years old (Years 5 and 6). The applic­a­tion dates and pro­cess are the same.

Does my child need to sit an admis­sions test?

Yes. If your child is apply­ing to the the IB Pro­gramme an indi­vidual date for test­ing will be arranged.

What lan­guages does my child need to know to join the IB Pro­gramme?

The IB Dip­loma Pro­gramme itself (final two years of sec­ond­ary school, ages 16 – 18) is taught exclus­ively in Eng­lish, and there­fore know­ledge of German is not required for non-Aus­trian pupils. All pupils must have an excel­lent level of Eng­lish. In addi­tion, the IB Dip­loma requires that another for­eign lan­guage is stud­ied – at KIS, we offer French, Span­ish and German.Austrian pupils must also fulfil the lan­guage require­ments of the Aus­trian state cur­riculum, taking one Lang­s­prache” (either French or Latin as of Year 3) and one Kur­z­s­prache” (French, Latin or Span­ish as of Year 5). Please note that Latin must be taken in one of the two forms.

How many extra teach­ing hours does the IB Pro­gramme entail in com­par­ison to a reg­u­lar Aus­trian Gym­nas­ium cur­riculum?

Between 1 and 13 hours. The amount of extra teach­ing depends very much on which six IB sub­jects are chosen and as a con­sequence, varies between one extra hour and thir­teen addi­tional hours over the course of the two year pro­gramme. This chart shows the sub­jects in which addi­tional teach­ing hours are needed to ful­fill the teach­ing require­ments of the Inter­na­tional Bac­ca­laur­eate Organ­isa­tion. It is pos­sible to choose a com­bin­a­tion of six sub­jects that require very little or no extra after­noon teach­ing includ­ing for instance e.g. German A, Eng­lish B and French B. How­ever, some IB sub­jects e.g. Film are not part of the Aus­trian national cur­riculum and there­fore must be taught entirely in the after­noon. Follow this link to see sample timetables of pupils in IBDP Year 1 (7. Klasse) and IBDP Year 2 (8. Klasse)

Can my child trans­fer to KIS in the middle of the two-year IBDip­loma Pro­gramme?

This pos­sib­il­ity does exist, in cases when the pupil has stud­ied the same or sim­ilar sub­jects to the ones we offer at KIS. How­ever, the chances of a good IB score in such cases are extremely low. Please note that not only sub­ject com­bin­a­tions, but also the options stud­ied in these sub­jects are import­ant – if a pupil has stud­ied com­pletely dif­fer­ent options within a sub­ject, it will be very dif­fi­cult to catch up with the syl­labus.

My child is inter­ested in taking some IB courses / cer­ti­fic­ates, but does not want to do the whole IB Dip­loma. Is this pos­sible?

Yes, but only for Aus­trian pupils who are taking the Aus­trian Matura and wish to com­plete just one or more IB cer­ti­fic­ates.

How much does the IB Pro­gramme cost?