After-school programme

Last Update: 01.10.2021

If your child leaves the after-school pro­gramme earlier than arranged before or does not attend at all, you are obliged to com­mu­nic­ate their absence via a writ­ten excuse form, an entry into WEBUNTIS or a mail to: nb@​bgklosterneuburg.​at until 1:00pm of the same day at the latest. 
In cases of emer­gency pls call: 02243−32155−66
If you do not con­sent to your child leav­ing the school without super­vi­sion, they will wait for you in AULA 0.

After-school pro­gramme

We offer an after-school pro­gramme every day from 12:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Par­ti­cip­a­tion is pos­sible for all stu­dents in the lower school. Regis­tra­tion takes place in the first week of the respect­ive school year. Every year, around 100 chil­dren attend the after-school pro­gramme. The pupils are looked after by our school’s teach­ers, have a large selec­tion of games and other sports- and leis­ure equip­ment and, depend­ing on the weather, can use the out­door area of the school.
Lunch time, quiet study and home­work, courses, as well as free and play times are fixed in the timetable.

6th period (12.45 — 13.35)
The chil­dren come to the room of the after-school pro­gramme on their own and register. Import­ant: The pupils are not picked up in their classrooms!
During this period, the stu­dents eat together and have free time.

7th period (13.40 — 14.30)
Chil­dren who have had six hours of les­sons in the morn­ing go to their assigned classroom and announce their arrival. During this hour, the chil­dren eat, do home­work or oth­er­wise pre­pare for school, play, or attend a course (avail­able courses in the after-school pro­gramme: cre­at­ive arts, sports, music, maths; the fixed regis­tra­tion for the courses takes place at the begin­ning of the school year, the lists hang in the room of the after-school pro­gramme).

8th period (14.35 — 15.25)
The 8th period is home­work and quiet study time for all chil­dren in their alloc­ated classrooms. Please give your child a note­book where they can write down all the home­work of the day, so that we can have an over­view of what your child should do.

9th period (15.30 — 16.20)
The chil­dren can still do home­work, play, paint, do han­di­crafts or attend a course.

10th period (16.25 — 17.00)
Exper­i­ence has shown that there are only a few chil­dren left in the after-school pro­gramme in the 10th period. They can work freely in the after-school pro­gramme room under the super­vi­sion of the teach­ers present.

The after-school pro­gramme ends at 5 p.m. Your child may only be picked up by the legal guard­ian. Except: With writ­ten per­mis­sion (see regis­tra­tion), your child may go home alone or be picked up by author­ized per­sons. In the event of changes, please con­tact Mag. Wil­helm Joos (wilhelm.​joos@​bildung.​gv.​at).

In the first weeks at a new big school, your child has to pro­cess a mul­ti­tude of new impres­sions. There are also dif­fer­ent reg­u­la­tions in view of the cur­rent situ­ation. The after-school pro­gramme brings a lot of addi­tional inform­a­tion with it, but it also helps your child to get used to the new school envir­on­ment and the bene­fit of a nur­tur­ing social envir­on­ment. Please take time for your child’s feed­back, con­tact us quickly if any­thing is unclear or if you have con­cerns, and encour­age your child to do the same. Con­tact per­sons are all teach­ers of the after-school pro­gramme and Mag. Wil­helm Joos, the head of the after-school pro­gramme.

Cur­rent prices per month
• 5 days a week: € 88
• 4 days a week: € 70.40
• 3 days a week: € 52.80
• 2 days a week: € 35.20
• 1 day per week: € 26.40

Inform­a­tion without guar­an­tee – we reserve the right to change the prices from those stated above.

Courses in the After-School Pro­gramme

This schoolyear 2021/22 the fol­low­ing courses are offered in the after-school pro­gramme:

Monday, 7th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Frass-Knierzinger); Music (Prof. Exel)
Tues­day 7th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Bis­chof); Music (Prof. Exel)
Tues­day 9th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Nagy-Rumpf)
Wed­nes­day 7th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Schöttner)
Thursday 7th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Binder)
Friday 7th period: Cre­at­ive Design (Prof. Bis­chof)

Stu­dents are reques­ted to register for the courses until the 17th of Septem­ber. For that, please use the lists dis­played in the After-School Pro­gramme room.

Inform­a­tion on the super­vised lunch break” (BMP)

The super­vised lunch break” and the after-school pro­gramme” are two dif­fer­ent ser­vices at our school. As stu­dents in our 1st and 2nd years are not allowed by law to roam unsu­per­vised in the school build­ing. The super­vised lunch break ensures that these chil­dren are prop­erly looked after if they cannot yet go home. The super­vised lunch break is free of charge and can be used on a max­imum of two after­noons per week. If your child is registered in the after-school pro­gramme, you do not have to register them for the super­vised lunch break on that day, as this would mean double care (if the timetable requires care in the 5th period, please con­tact : wilhelm.​joos@​bildung.​gv.​at).

If your child would like to have a hot lunch at the school buffet on one or more days of the after-school pro­gramme (menu price: 6 €), please pre-order by Tues­day of the pre­vi­ous week. You can refer to the cur­rent menu plan online or at the school buffet (every day, you can choose between a meal with meat and a veget­arian option).