Supervised lunch break

Last Update: 16.12.2020

Super­vised lunch break (BMP)

The super­vised lunch break (BMP) is a free addi­tional ser­vice for all pupils in the lower school to bridge the lunch break. Spe­cific­ally, it is inten­ded for breaks between morn­ing and after­noon les­sons in the 6th and 7th period. This ser­vice is com­puls­ory for pupils in our 1st and 2nd year if they want to stay in the school build­ing and do not attend the after-school pro­gramme.
3rd and 4th year pupils can use this ser­vice vol­un­tar­ily but are only allowed to spend their after­noon free hours in Schüleraufenthalt­s­raum”, Aula 0, Aula 2 or the lib­rary. This ser­vice can be used for a max­imum of four les­sons per week – for fur­ther care, the after-school pro­gramme is avail­able.
Regis­tra­tion is valid for the entire school year. In excep­tional cases, a change in the semester is pos­sible. If the after­noon classes are can­celled, the super­vised lunch break will not take place (after-school pro­gramme will take place).
The BMP does not include lunch. A hot lunch must be be ordered at the buffet the week before.
Regis­tra­tion for the super­vised lunch break is now closed.


If you have any ques­tions, please con­tact Mag. Wil­helm Joos: