Last Update: 20.09.2021

The Par­ents’ Asso­ci­ation at BG/BRG Klosterneuburg

The Par­ents’ Asso­ci­ation rep­res­ents the par­ents of all stu­dents in the School Com­munity Com­mit­tee (=SGA) and takes care of all their con­cerns. It also aims at encour­aging an exchange between new” and more exper­i­enced par­ents or between the par­ents of a cohort or class. The Par­ents’ Asso­ci­ation also pro­cesses requests for fin­an­cial sup­port and grants mon­et­ary aid if jus­ti­fied.
All par­ents are sin­cerely invited to take on an active role in the asso­ci­ation and to con­trib­ute to suc­cess­ful com­mu­nic­a­tion between par­ents and edu­cat­ors and to fur­ther an open and con­struct­ive con­ver­sa­tion and cooper­a­tion between home and school. That way issues may be iden­ti­fied before they become too dif­fi­cult to solve and con­flicts might be resolved faster and more easily. The parent rep­res­ent­at­ives will always have an open ear for prob­lems related to school life.
Please find con­tact details and fur­ther inform­a­tion on the func­tions of the Par­ents’ Asso­ci­ation here: link: http://​evbgk​losterneuburg​.at