PiA – Physics in Advent

An advent calendar with a difference

Published on 26.01.2018

PiA – Phys­ics in Advent is an Advent cal­en­dar with a dif­fer­ence: a phys­ics Advent cal­en­dar organ­ized for the 5th time in 2017 by Georg-August-Uni­versität Göt­tin­gen and Deutschen Physikalis­chen Gesell­schaft. 24 simple exper­i­ments and phys­ics mys­ter­ies are presen­ted one every day from Decem­ber 1st to 24th. Young research­ers of class 8B and 8C par­ti­cip­ated enthu­si­ast­ic­ally and have won a PHYWE-Exper­i­menti­er­kasten for our school. So proud of you!