Trip to Haus der Mathematik

Published on 25.10.2017

On Wed­nes­day, the 25th of Octo­ber the class 4B vis­ited the Haus der Math­em­atik“.
At first three guides showed us some tricks in a room they called Mark­t­platz”. The first guide told us a story about Socrates and his slave and we had to find out the answer to the chal­lenge Socrates had asked his slave. Then the second guide showed us a card trick, where by fol­low­ing a set of instruc­tions we found out where he is going to go during the hol­i­days. Then the third guide did a tele­pathy” trick, where he found out one student’s father’s age. Each of the tricks had a math­em­at­ical explan­a­tion which was fun to learn.

We vis­ited the museum where we got to par­ti­cip­ate in the math­em­at­ische Zeitre­ise”. We learnt about many facts includ­ing the Aus­trian who inven­ted the carving ski, Pythagoras and the Pythagorean cup, how all Egyp­tian pyr­am­ids have the same angel when they didn’t use any ruler. After­wards we did mul­ti­plic­a­tion and divi­sion using a very old mech­an­ical cal­cu­lator, which bank work­ers had used. 

We could play to our hearts con­tent in the Erleb­n­iswelt” — we could do dif­fer­ent puzzles, play small think­ing games, even build a Kugel­bahn”. I liked the Erleb­n­iswelt” the best. 

Some fun games and chal­lenges were also organ­ized. Kathi and Tanya won them­selves a jar of honey and a bar of chocol­ate. It was the per­fect way to spend the last day of school before the Autumn break.

By Lara Haslehner, 4B