Vienna Technical Museum

The class of 4B went on a trip to the Vienna Technical museum on the 19th of Feb 2018.

Published on 19.02.2018

During the guided tour we saw a glimpse of life on Earth before the inven­tion of elec­tri­city and how elec­tri­city revo­lu­tion­ized the world. We also could enjoy “ON/ OFF — the inter­act­ive install­a­tion”.

After the guided tour, we walked around the museum on our own look­ing at exhib­its that inter­ested us the most. We looked at the many per­man­ent install­a­tion in modes of trans­port and mobil­ity. We were awe­struck look­ing at the life size models of early planes and train engines and early wind tur­bines. The star exhibit was of course the Focault’s pen­du­lum — which, in 1851, was the first exper­i­ment to give simple, direct evid­ence of the earth’s rota­tion

The icing on the cake was the high-voltage demon­stra­tion — a stun­ning show which whisked us away to the world of elec­trical charges and cur­rents! We watched exper­i­ments that were con­duc­ted with extremely high voltage. We wit­nessed how light bulbs began to glow without the use of power cables and metre-long light­ning bolts were cre­ated. Jacob, who volun­teered, pro­tec­ted by the Faraday’s cage” effect even touched” high-voltage light­ning bolts. We heard light­ning play music. We couldn’t believe our ears when we heard the singing Tesla trans­former” make music that sparks.

It was a fun trip and we are all charged up” for the second semester.